Colombian Dolls Plastic Surgery

Pre-Surgery Checklist : What I Wish I Did Before Surgery

Pre-Surgery Checklist : What I Wish I Did Before Surgery A LESSON IN PREPARATION (Pre-Surgery Checklist : What I Wish I Did Before Surgery) Preparing for surgery and managing travel simultaneously can be a daunting task, but with the right strategies, you can make the process smoother and more comfortable. Here are some invaluable tips to … Read more

Must have items after Plastic Surgery

Must Have Items after Plastic Surgery WHAT TO PACK FOR YOUR SURGERY TRIP Planning for your plastic surgery can be a somewhat stressful task, especially if you will be traveling to your surgery destination from out of state. However, by making a list of items you will need during your recovery, you can eliminate half … Read more

PostSurgery Compression Garments Liposuction

PostSurgery Compression Garments Liposution Sizing, when to wear, wash and more If you plan to have a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) or liposuction done, you have likely heard the term “faja” floating around throughout your plastic surgery research. A faja is a garment used for postoperative wear by recovering BBL and liposuction patients to keep … Read more

Workout after Breast Augmentation

Workout after Breast Augmentation 5 EXERCISE RULES TO KNOW AFTER YOUR BREAST AUGMENTATION Experiencing a surge of confidence in your body is one of the remarkable benefits of undergoing breast augmentation. It’s natural to feel eager to showcase your new look by hitting the gym and engaging in workouts. However, it’s crucial to recognize that … Read more

Plastic Surgery Types and Benefits

Plastic Surgery: Types and Benefits Plastic surgery is a branch of medical science that encompasses a wide array of surgical and non-surgical procedures aimed at enhancing a person’s appearance or reconstructing body parts for medical or aesthetic reasons. It has gained immense popularity over the years as advancements in medical technology have made these procedures … Read more

Dolls Plastic Surgery on Instagram

Dolls Plastic Surgery on Instagram In the age of patient empowerment and social media influence, a unique Instagram community has emerged, known as the “doll pages.” These pages are a platform for cosmetic surgery patients, referred to as “dolls,” to document their body transformation journeys. With hashtags and usernames connected to their surgeons, these pages … Read more